During the early 80s when capital market activities were not worthy of being given the elite status of a full time profession, G N Sharma, a banker by profession with a flair for accounting saw an opportunity in share accounting & registry services. He promoted Ms G N Sharma & Associates (GNSA), one of the earliest shares transfer agencies in the country.

TATA Consultancy Services (TCS) appointed GNSA as its sole vendor for this business. Both grew together building on this core competency until 1995, when GNSA came on its own by becoming a SEBI Certified Registrar & Share transfer agent.

 With the advent of the Depository & the Electronic Trading system, GNSA obtained NSDL & CDSL connectivity for the registrar module. A need was felt to diversify and in this search, GNSA became an accredited BPO service provider in areas relating to High End Financial Information Processing for Citigroup

Currently, GNSA is a 500 strong entity providing High End transaction processing support to MNC Banks & MNCs in the BFS domain. GNSA is also a SEBI Certified Share Transfer Agency (STA) for several reputed corporates.

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