About us


Any BPO company would provide standard cost reductions and service

Job Seekers

We believe in empowering our employees to deliver and perform in a manner.

Vision, Mission & QP



GNSA is committed to achieving business growth by capturing a sustainable and competitive share of our industry in the domestic & international marketplace. We will strive to reach our goals in a lawful & ethical manner by exceeding customer expectations through continuous enhancements in

  • Quality
  • Productivity
  • Value


While doing so, it is our intent to develop meaningful partnerships with our employees, suppliers, customers, shareholders & consequently contribute socially to the community in which we live. Both personally and professionally we wish to continually set standards of excellence, which reiterate time & again our dedication to the fulfillment of this vision



GNSA is dedicated to the delivery of high quality services at a reasonable price in the industry in which it operates exceeding customer expectations. This is done by the team of management, employees, suppliers & shareholders together continually through a culture which encourages and fosters 

  • Building of domain expertise
  • Customer fulfillment
  • the ability to improve, innovate & enhance processes

We intend to expand our presence in the marketplace by investing and exploring development of new domains as and when the opportunity for growth presents itself”


To exceed customer expectations by delivering world class services at reasonable price in a lawful and ethical manner through a system of continuous process improvements, innovations & enhancements