Knowledge Services

Knowledge Services


GNSA helps organizations to uncover the treasure trove of intelligence in their customer care operations, and to turn that information to their advantage. Our Analytics solutions help organizations to measure complex contact center data from numerous sources, synthesize it into rich and actionable insights, and optimize their operational and business metrics.

For organizations seeking greater visibility into, and improvement in, contact center and customer care, we synthesize data from disparate sources into clear, data- and experience-driven optimization plans.

GNSA provides customers with data-driven recommendations to improve their primary business problems including self service automation, caller experience, revenue generation and misdirected calls.




We design and implement Business Reporting and MIS Services to cater to the reporting needs of the enterprises. We partner with companies in the course of the evolution of their Business Intelligence (BI) road map. We mine data and deliver tangible improvement on key business metrics through analysis and modeling. Our business intelligence solutions accelerate reporting and analytics implementation with necessary templates, computation methodology and modeling techniques.




We are able to offer our clients a complete solution for their requirements, providing powerful Business Intelligence capabilities and end-to-end functionalities to meet their Revenue Accounting needs and offering genuine business value. Our clients can now benefit from a state-of-the-art revenue accounting system, operated according to industry best practices by talented and experienced individuals.

We transpose your Revenue Accounting operations from a transaction-processing environment to one that applies a strategic tool with all the components needed by management to devise competitive and successful strategies for the market place. Strict SLA are agreed with clients and implemented to provide high quality service and support.

The Benefits what our clients gets are,


  • Optimised revenue accounting process
  • Full transparency with a service level agreement
  • Reduced operational costs
  • No need for costly hardware and software investments
  • Reduced manpower costs, with training expenses eliminated



GNSA leverages a deep domain expertise in Expense Analysis and prepare various Dashboards which provide up-to-date information on company’s operating expenses, and features a company/cost center/natural account-oriented view of a company’s expense activity. Our expertise helps the managers and finance department, and focuses on analyzing and managing operating expenses more efficiently and effectively.

Expense Analysis provides finance departments with the ability to explore anomalies by drilling to sub-ledger detail and viewing transactional details, such as an original invoice or expense report.

Following are the various analysis we do for the Top Management review,


  • Expense Analysis KPI
  • Cumulative Expense Trend
  • Expense by Company
  • Expense by Cost Center
  • Expenses by Category



It's time to shed unwanted expenses. We can help you to Reduce organizational spend and keep your budget lean. We can help you get started by reducing the cost, complexity and spend thru expense reporting process, and by quickly implementing expense policy changes to better respond to evolving business conditions with our Expense Reporting Solutions. GNSA offers comprehensive solutions designed to improve and manage expense processes from start to finish which help to,


  • Creates spend reduction through enhanced compliance from standardized policies, processes, analytics and technology
  • Leverages expense data for competitive advantage in contract negotiations with suppliers
  • Commits to delivering expected business outcomes and ongoing operational excellence

Our solutions are designed to drive timely and accurate access to financial information in order to enable strategic decision-making and in turn build shareholder value. Across all of our clients, we seek to introduce standards and controls that work to ensure compliance and improve the speed at which information is available – be it for financial dashboards for client management use, or for quarterly financial statements. These efforts include standardization, automation, real-time analysis and reconciliation, and frequent communication.

The accounting and reporting process varies dramatically across individual companies, and as such, our approach is entirely customized to meet the needs and regulatory requirements of each business. We deploy people onsite to study in-depth and execute as it is required by the company.

We understand just how significant the competitive advantage would be for an organization to be able to close their books and issue results even one day sooner. Our Record to Report solutions are designed to ensure our clients are always moving closer to this goal of best-in-class operations

Our highly-skilled professionals bring significant knowledge and expertise to our client’s operations. In addition to process optimization, they also maintain focus on risk management and regulatory compliance. Thorough analysis and risk management procedures are a central component of every outsourcing solution.