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The current business environment for banking and financial institutions is characterized by the need to aggressively manage costs and risks, while continuing to innovate, by developing new products and services.

Our expertise across the banking Industry helps you manage risk, comply with regulations, enhance product features and manage business transformation challenges - while reducing costs.

We have been delivering strategic impact by way of increased productivity and continuous process improvements in banking and financial services organizations across Consumer & Corporate banking operations.

We have service offerings in Banking spanning the functions of Cash Management Services & Clearing Operations  





Through our Cash Management Services we actually facilitate faster movement of funds with the help of a wide network support. The major users of this facility are corporate customers of the bank with a huge retail customer base. Through hustle free coordination, payments received from retail customers of a corporate are effectively processed to optimize cash flow position and to ensure the effective management of business' operating funds.
  • Cheque pick up

•   Cheque pick up from Customer or Customer designated premises

•   PAN INDIA Coverage

•   Cheque pick up on call basis from Customer or Customer designated premises

•   Installation & Maintenance of Drop boxes at identified sites in multiple locations

•   Support drop box pick up

•   Remote scanning solution on mobile at dropbox for cheques

•   Banking of cheques with correspondent Banks


  • Cheque writing- Pre signed Blank cheques (PSBCs)


•   PSBC Vaulting

•   PSBC Retrieval

•   Inventory Management of PSBCs

•   Printing & processing of PSBCs

•   Support PSBC presentations for clearing

•   Information reporting


  • PDC Warehousing

•   PDC Vaulting

•   PDC Retrieval

•   Inventory Management of PDCs

•   Support PDC Presentations for clearing

•   PDC Foreclosures

•   Paymode swaps from PDCs to NACH

•   MIS


  • NACH Mandate Processing

•   NACH mandate pick up from Customer or Customer designated premises

•   PAN INDIA Coverage

•   NACH mandate pick up on call basis from Customer or Customer designated premises

•   Support drop box pick up of NACH mandates

•   Remote scanning solution on mobile at dropbox for NACH mandates

•   Registration of NACH mandates

•   Presentations of registered mandates at frequencies specified by Customer

•   Handling Rejected Mandates

•   Physical Mandate storage & Inventory Control


  • CMS Processing @ Hub

•   Data Entry of cheques/deposit slips

•   Barcode scanning of stubs for enrichment

•   Scanning of cheques/deposit slips

•   Submission of data file & Image file in CTS format

•   Submission of Data file in File formats of customer

•   Reverse upload for Return cheques to customer & Bank

  • CMS - Value Adds

•   First level customer query management

•   Reconciliations



We offer Cheque Processing & Clearing operations to our esteemed clients. We also facilitate processing of cheques as required by the clients. Data entry of the deposit slips is done by us and the records are maintained with accuracy.
We are capable of handling multiple clearings with clearing specific rules in a single day. Post-Dated Cheque Processing and end to end solution for MICR, non-MICR and CTS clearing solutions are also offered by us with unmatched expertise meeting the market standards.
We provide an efficient and effective Cheque Truncation System, an image based cheque clearing system in which scanning is done upon deposit and the electronic image is transferred throughout the clearing cycles.

We support banks in -

•   Capability to handle Multi-Grid presentations

•   Inward clearing

•   Outward Clearing

•   ECS presentations

•   RTGS / NEFT processing

•   Cheque Truncation System (CTS) processing

•   UV scanning of cheques

•   Conduct P2F Activities